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Lofty Pursuits: Winner of the 2011 Eric Hoffer Book Award

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What People Are Saying

Kathleen Dowdell, Reader Views
"Remarkable! One of the best autobiographical business books I have ever read. This book would make a great addition to a library infused with architect, business and sustainability books. His personal testimony of his progression in business is inspirational. I would recommend anyone starting out in business to read "Lofty Pursuits.""

Eric Hoffer Award Committee
"This is truly an inspiring book, teaching us of lessons learned and reminding us that hard work, perseverance, and selecting the most honorable course of action matters."

Chuck Wolfe, MyUrbanist
"[Lofty Pursuits] is a must-read, for true believers and cynics alike, as a unique contribution to today’s dialogue about the sustainable city."

Eric Nusbaum, JTNews

"[Lofty Pursuits] is a plea for ethical business practices. Schuster uses Mosler Lofts to demonstrate how a business can balance profit seeking and principles. The book presents family, Judaism, philanthropy, community, and business as intertwined means to make the world a better place."
Marc Stiles, Daily Journal of Commerce
"Whether you're a real estate veteran, a rookie or just interested in what it takes to pull off an $80 million project, it's a good read."

Carla Warner, Association Executive - BOMA Spokane
"Impressive and Inspiring. I started reading Lofty Pursuits this evening (I'm close to the halfway point now). I was expecting an interesting read and a good story--but, I really had no idea how compelling it would be. Pretty amazing, actually."

Dina, Seattle
I loved your book. All your family stories were little treasures. You brought each one of them to life. It felt like I was sitting in your living room and meeting each one of them. Absolutely delightful.

Hartley, Palm Springs
"For me to sit down and in one session complete a book is a daunting task. But, pleasantly and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, I was captured by Lofty Pursuits. It was a great read. I found your writing style excellent, your personal insights enlightening, your business lessons informative and your tribute to and memories of family emotionally moving."

"A fascinating story of triumph and achievement in the face of huge obstacles. This book is well written and of great interest to anyone, not only those interested in sustainable construction. The author weaves an intricate tale of family history, the Seattle skyline, LEED certification, successful business practices and charitible giving. I, for one, could barely put it down. A very easy and enjoyable read, I would highly recommend this book."

Mark, Issaquah
"I found it to be a very well written, interesting and informative read. I had no idea that you had to walk such a tight-rope in a wind storm in order to successfully pull off the completion of Mosler Lofts. I also found that story of your journey to Ramallah to be particularly interesting. You had to have some pretty big brass cojones to do something like that. Or, as your grandfather probably would have said, you have chutzpah."

Jay, Seattle
"I'm writing this after just finishing your book so you'll forgive me for being verbose, but I wanted to give you my reaction as I felt it. Simply put, I enjoyed it. More elaborately, it was very motivational. I read a lot of business, “self-help,” spiritual and metaphysical books. And I mean, a lot. You suggest rather than implore the reader to take action. The choice is ours. It takes courage to write a book of any genre and I respect your efforts and determination in doing so. Thank you for sharing your story. It's one worthy of being told."

"What a great read! I expected a technical business book, WOW, was I off the mark. It is heartfelt and genuine, as well as inspirational, in a very good way. This is one you will want to keep on the shelf and give as a gift."

Darcie, Seattle
"I finished reading your book last night. Loved it! Couldn't put it down. I admire your tenacity to get Mosler Lofts built the way you wanted. Can't wait for the next building you develop and the next book you write. Congratulations!"

“Sustainability is the biggest mark of respect we can possibly have, not only for the earth, but for one another. I’m a big fan.”
– Margaret Larson, King 5 TV

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